Common Ways to Fundraise

Fundraise Your Way

Fundraise your way is all about what you want to do. Your fundraiser can be as simple or as complex, big or small as you like. Whether it be a fitness challenge, high tea, a luncheon or party to celebrate giving and paying it forward – we’re here to support you with your fundraising.

Start your own fundraiser

In Celebration

There is no more rewarding way to celebrate a special occasion than asking your guests to support CSN Australian research in lieu of giving a gift. Mark your next special occasion in this meaningful way, whether it be to celebrate a wedding, birthday, engagement, anniversary, Christmas or other occasion.

You can create your own fundraiser, or contact us if you need something extra special.

Fundraise at Work

What better way to bring colleagues together than fundraising! Whether you are in the office or working remotely fundraising is easy and fun. The perfect way to connect and make a difference. You may already have an event you host in your workplace that you could turn into a fundraiser for The Cure Starts Now like the annual golf day? alternatively if you would like to champion an event for your workplace or industry, we are only too happy to help you with this. Contact us to get started.

Fundraise at School

If you are a teacher, student or parent there are loads of ways your school can impact the health of our local and global community. Schools are great at being creative – whether it be raffles, free dress days, school concert or sports days. Whatever it is make it fun and make a difference. Teaching our next generation to become humanitarians and philanthropists is one of life’s most valuable lessons and has a resounding effect on our youth. Contact us to get started.

In Memory

Giving in memory is a very special way to honour a loved one and leaves a lasting tribute in celebration of their life. Many families who have lost a loved one to Cancer find comfort in selecting The Cure Starts Now as the recipient of ‘in memory’ donations. These gifts advance research into this horrible disease that claim the lives of friends and family in our community, and can help prevent other families from suffering similar heartache.

We want making a gift in memory to be as easy as possible for you at this difficult time. Contact us to create a tribute page in honour of your loved one.

Remembrance Envelopes

If you would like to accept donations in lieu of flowers at a funeral we are able to provide remembrance envelopes. To request these envelopes please contact us.

Please include your name, how many envelopes are required, the date of the funeral and the name of the person the donations are honouring.

We will endeavour to send the envelopes as quickly as possible.