Eleni Millios-Hullick CEO

Eleni is the CEO of The Cure Starts Now Australia a Not-For-Profit Foundation that funds and advocates for research into childhood brain cancer. As a well-established member of the community with an extensive small business background Eleni Co- founded and became the president of the first Young Chamber of Commerce in Townsville, she was an invited member of The Strand Redevelopment committee and also started the Palmer Street Traders association where she held the role of the president for several years.
As the Director of the Townsville North Queensland Emerging Leaders program Eleni guided each cohort to deliver social justice projects that identified needs within the city and also addressed vulnerable people’s issues.

Eleni has worked with and supported many charities throughout her business career, as well as working in federal politics, Community engagement roles, marketing and corporate sponsorship, she is actively involved in her community and works in many advisory roles within the community that work on the liveability and economic health of the city, she holds a position as a founding Board Director of The Tropical Brain and Mind Foundation, is a member of the Bishop Michael Putney Fellowship that supports youth mental health programs and is frequently invited to sit on strategic interview panels due to her extensive background knowledge of the city and community she lives and works in.