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Amyah Brown






December 22, 2023


Amyah Joye presented to hospital with a wobbly gait and slurred speech, CT scan showed a lesion and we were advised we would be flown to Westmead Children’s Hospital Sydney in the morning for an MRI and to meet with Neuro and Oncology team. A biopsy was performed and the results revealed later that night devastating news to my heart that this was the “bastard cancer”. The next day was Christmas and this was also Amyah's pain day, she couldn’t eat because her esophagus had trauma from two GA’s. And the nurse interrupted our breakfast wanting to put NGT, I asked her to wait because we hadn’t had Christmas yet and I wanted photos. The following day was Amyah's 7th birthday. Which all my presents were still hidden in the cupboard at home in Dubbo, Westmead provided me to give her, so she had something, I used a helium filled balloon from a delivery of flowers and tied that to the end of her hospital bed. The next day was radiation treatment, and so here we are, today was her 12th session of radiation. We will be here until 12th Feb. We were supposed to be going to Singapore and Philippines on the 8th Feb, but it’s been busy with specialist and medical priorities. Amyah is doing well, lost some of her ability to talk, she has lost her spark. And I miss all the normal stuff we do… she would always sit next to me on me or follow me around the house, even while I was on the toilet - just her cheeky behaviour, her ability and attitude to walk up to anyone and talk. Amyah was the student who would wait to leave the class last so she could hug her teacher. Every morning she hugged her besties and carry on with her day — that was Amyah. Now, I’m not even sure if she will ever come back to that person and join her classmates.. because all this happened during school holidays.

Team Amyah