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Founder of The Cure Starts Now Australian Chapter Receives the Order of Australia Medal


Ren Pedersen was presented with the highest honour a citizen can receive for his work with The Cure Starts Now.

Townsville, Queensland  January 2022­­ –Ren Pedersen has dedicated the past decade of his life to funding research to find a cure for DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), which his daughter Amy succumbed to in 2009.  The Cure Starts Now (Australia), under Ren’s leadership has raised over $4 million dollars since it’s inception.  Because of his selflessness and dedication to finding a cure for paediatric brain cancer Ren was presented with the Order of Australia Medal, which is the highest honour a citizen can receive.  The formal presentation will be announced at a future date.

“We are very proud to have Ren recognised on the highest level for the outstanding work he has done for paediatric brain cancer.  He is a fearless leader and is so driven to find the cure for DIPG.  We are honoured to have The Cure Starts Now (Australia) and Ren as our partner, advocate internationally and friend.”– Keith Desserich, Co-Founder The Cure Starts Now Foundation

The medal recognises Australian citizens for outstanding achievements or commendable service. It was established on February 14, 1975 by Queen Elizabeth, on the advice of the Australian Government. Prior to the establishment of the order, Australian citizens received British Honours.

The Queen of Australia is sovereign head of the order, while the Governor-General of Australia is the principal companion/dame/knight and chancellor of the order. The Governor-Generals official secretary, Paul Singer is secretary of the order. Appointments are made by the Governor-General on behalf of the Queen of Australia, based on recommendations made by the Council of the Order of Australia.

“The clinicians across Australia weren’t armed with the drugs or the resources to combat these types of brain cancers.  After Amy passed away, we set upon addressing that travesty and won’t stop until we find it.”  – Ren Pedersen, Founder of The Cure Starts Now Australia

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The Cure Starts Now (Australia) was started in honour of Amy Pedersen, a girl from Townsville, Queensland who battled a rare, aggressive form of brain cancer known as DIPG. The Cure Starts Now (Australia) is the first international chapter of The Cure Starts Now and is family to 40 other chapters worldwide.  The Cure Starts Now is the only cancer foundation dedicated to finding the Universal Cure for cancer by focusing on one of the rarest, most aggressive forms of cancer. Believing in more than just awareness, The Cure Starts Now has funded over $18 million in cancer research, resulting in over 150 cutting edge research grants in 15 countries since 2007.